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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Ahem. So this site will be closing down, only to be reopened in MT with much love to Lisa and Tim for doing so. So update your bookmarks and links, and bear with us as it is still rather spare at the new location. Edit: Blogger is notorious for not deleting old blogs, so if you are still using this to click through to various other places, feel free to keep coming back. Just don't expect anything new from me.

posted by Gomez at 07:17

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Blogger seems broken today. What a surprise.

posted by Gomez at 11:14

Blogging will be light to non-existent this weekend what with me in NY. But to tide you over: the fencing report (more like the "I've injured myself report"). Not too much happened that was new last night- review of the guards, review of footwork that was familiar to me during my foil days. And I was off last night, not that anyone who fenced me seemed able to tell. How do I know I was off? I parried an attack and knocked my guard into the side of my knee. Normally this wouldn't be quite so bad, but I have a huge freakin' double clamshell with straight quillon guard. OW. I also managed to run straight into an attack, the tip of my opponent's blade hitting me on the right side of my chest, just under the collarbone. More ow. The good news? My shoulder doesn't hurt at all this morning. The bad news? My knee is still a bit shaky. *sigh* Well, I have a full week to recover, and it is still definitely weight bearing so I should be fine.

posted by Gomez at 09:52

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

So the word count lies and has been lying for a while now as I haven't even updated it since the last time I actually added verbiage to the typed version. I've been doing some notebook work and am, essentially, a scene ahead of myself. I may just be tempted in taking the story with me and doing battle with E.'s ergonomic keyboard to get at least a little more done while she is at work on Friday. I will say this much about the story, it is a departure from the rest of the Nightshades arc in that there is no external threat. No threat of any kind really so the conflict is of a more personal and far reaching scope. It's also involved something I'm good at: namely dialogue although I will confess that it does dip into the shallow end of philosophical discussions with some debate over free will. I'm also delving into a bit of Judeo-Christian theology what with the debate of who has free will and who does not, and the actual ramifications of everyone's favorite ex-demon no longer being tied to Hell. I actually need to go back and reread "Nature of My Game", especially the ending, as my memory is betraying me not in what happened but how much certain characters actually witnessed and were privy to. I am not promising even a rough draft of the story any time soon, but progress is happening.

posted by Gomez at 13:19

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Saw the Matrix. This is your fair warning. If you keep reading, do not get pissed at me if you read something that spoiled it for you. The albinos are easily my favorite minor characters, but this is me, and you probably knew that already, didn't you? Much less of a mindfuck for me than the first one was, by a long shot, the musical choices weren't quite as driving, and the overall sense of new and different was lost, probably because so much of what the Matrix did has been copied, assimilated, and let's face it, parodied by others. Now its a matter of one-upmanship, a desire to do things bigger and better. To make the fight scenes more dramatic, more daring, to push the envelope, which it did, but not in many ways that made me sit up and think "That's different". The albinos were one of those major differences. I would have liked to have seen a reason for them to tangle with the more everyday agents. Why? To highlight the difference. I could have done without the flying. There are cleaner ways to get from point a to point b that do not involve flying and that especially do not involve flying like you are Superman in black. Neo, as the embodiment of the slacker hacker, should not be flying around like Superman, one fist out in front for what? To reduce drag? C'mon folks, just have him rip a hole in the code, fold "space" in half, or a thousand other things that could be done to get from one place to the next. Yes, I realize portions of the plot called for it, but none of them could not have been written around. Yes, I know it shows him flying at the end of the first movie. I do not care. NY happens soon. Oh yes, it does. My liver is going to hate me.

posted by Gomez at 23:02

Monday, May 19, 2003

Title and Name Generator Chamberlain of Things That Go "Bump" in the Night, Matthew Xavier Gomez Justice of The Choctaw Nation, Matthew X Gomez, the First Which Beareth Said Name Count of The Hellmouth, Matthew X Gomez Vice Chancellor's Under Secretary of The 'Thrax, Matthew X Gomez Mecha-Maharaja of Naughty Bits, Matthew Jacob Gomez XII Warden of Procrastination, Darth Matthew X Gomez Uber-Emperor of The Institute for Promotion of Furry Wilderness Creatures, Matthew X Gomez Blame Tim

posted by Gomez at 14:15

So E. has a new web design and according to Lisa, I'm next. The email group for the historic fencers was very busy over the weekend: talking about guns, hunting, and sporkfighting manuals. I kid you not. It did make my Monday morning rather more interesting and humorous than it would have been otherwise as I'm sitting at my desk clicking through and reading someone's post about which end of the spork it is better to parry with. Oh, and Lisa wants videotape when we go out on our cow slaughering rampage throughout Virginia (we figure its safer than trying to pick a fight with a bear). This coming from the same person who wants to have a Boston Tea Party Birthday. I've been informed in no uncertain terms that I am not allowed to practice my "But officer, they were always so quiet" disclaimer, but rather must think of ways to explain to the nice policeman why we are out in the harbor dumping Earl Grey over the side of our rowboat. The best thing I can come up with is that we were fishing for Brits. I'm still not sure how to explain the vast quantity of beer that we will be in the possession of other than that it is unAmerican to fish without beer.

posted by Gomez at 13:17